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Crown And Collards 95: Humans Are Trash (feat. @XavierDLeau)
October 24, 2016 08:53 PM PDT
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Rest in peace and power #DeborahDanner.

Welcome back to another edition of Crown And Collards presented by the CSPN!

In this week’s episode Dan and Jeremey are joined by long time friend of the show XD (@XavierDLeau) of JadeAndXD! The fellas discuss Kanye vs Jay-Z, Clinton vs Trump, the NFL vs basic human decency, Derrick Rose vs consent, and a second week of the Tyrese “Nigga What the Fuck Were You Thinking?!” award going to Lack Sports Online.

Enjoy this catfish dinner in the form of a podcast!

Dan - @Danchrism
Jeremey - @Blike_Dante
Show hashtag - #CrownAndCollards

Go to crownandcollards.cspn.us for more episodes.

Bad Advice Show - Grandfathered In
October 23, 2016 10:39 PM PDT
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After a very long break, the Bad Advice Show is back with an all-new episode!
Cerrome and Gordon catch up on a few things and share bad advice on:
Getting grandfathered in
The Elections
Leaving the country
Blackface season
Scan my baby
Why the Note 7 explodes
Four-way stop sign
DeceptiComics World Domination Tour 2017

Follow us on social media:
@BakerBone | @CerromeRussell | @Beauty_Jackson
More episodes available at http://badadviceshow.cspn.us

BeerItIs Podcast Episode 11: Three Taverns Brewery
October 23, 2016 07:32 PM PDT
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*This podcast is about craft brewing and should only be enjoyed by listeners of legal drinking age. We urge our listeners to drink responsibly.*

Welcome back to an all-new episode of CSPN’s new craft beer podcast, Beer It Is!

This show about craft beers features interviews with owners of craft breweries and discussions about beer from a black perspective. This show is hosted by Nubyjas Wilborn, who is also one of the hosts of the CSPN's sports podcast Know the Score.

In this week's edition, Nubyjas talks with the fine folks at Three Taverns Craft Brewery in Decatur, Georgia. Tune in for an in-depth interview with founder Brian Purcell and brewmaster Joran Van Ginderachter.
Check out their website at http://www.threetavernsbrewery.com

Keep the discussion going online using the hashtag #beeritis
and visit our website at cspn.us for more episodes.

Thank you for listening to Beer It Is, a CSPN Media podcast production. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tell a friend, or ten, about the show. And as always, drink responsibly.

The New Slay Podcast Episode 3: Three's a Crowd
October 23, 2016 02:48 PM PDT
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Join Jordan Renee, Slim, and Alexis Littlefoot for a weekly episodic podcast where three women of color talk wrestling with major shade throwing involved. We are proud to present to you episode 3 of The New Slay Podcast! Join us every Sunday at 8pm EST. On this episode we cover more Paige/ADR mess, #WokeRollins, Mandy Rose is a natural hair shamer, Mickie James is byke and everyone's favorite FMK.


Know the Score 63 - Cubs-Indians World Series Predictions, NFL Recap, & NBA Season Preview
October 23, 2016 07:00 AM PDT
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Welcome back to CSPN's Know the Score !

On this week's episode, the entire KTSPod team returns to sum up the MLB postseason thus far and give their predictions for a Cubs-Indians World Series. Also, a look in on the NFL, with over a third of the season in the books, and some surprises, disappointments, and controversies. Finally, a preview of the NBA season, which tips off this week.

Panelists on this episode include Don Delarente (@dondelarente), Tyler Ball (@taball1), and Nubyjas Wilborn (@nwilborn19). This episode is moderated by Jessy (@thatssojessy).

Follow us on twitter @KTSPod, use the hashtag #KTSPod to join the conversation, and vote in our weekly polls under the hashtag #KTSPolls.

Know the Score is a CSPN Media podcast production.

Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 189: We Bid Farewell to Mockingbird, Ant-Man and A-Force
October 21, 2016 05:26 PM PDT
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Welcome back to another exciting episode of Comic Book Chronicles!

This week marks the end for three Marvel comics -- Mockingbird, Astonishing Ant-Man, and A-Force. Agent 70 and Roddykat give a eulogy to each series.

New trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 and Logan released this week, along with teaser images for new X-Men series spinning out of ResurrXion.

All this, along with our #kliqsoftheweek.

Comics reviewed this week are:
    Astonishing Ant-Man #13
    A-Force #10
    Mockingbird #8
    Black Panther #7
    Infamous Iron Man #1
    Trinity #2
    Doctor Strange #13
    Amazing Spider-Man #20
    Death of X #2
    Spider-Gwen #13
    Spider-Woman #12
    Black Widow #7
    Captain America: Sam Wilson #14
    Batman #9
    Nightwing #7

Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fubFMy8hqGA

You can watch Comic Book Chronicles live every Thursday night by visiting our website www.thekliqnation.com/live.

Check out DiRT's Vine Comic Reviews on Vine!

Any comments or feedback on the show are greatly appreciated!

Contact The KLIQ Nation

Email: thekliqnation@gmail.com
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WrassleCast 104: Return of the Man
October 21, 2016 05:51 AM PDT
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follow us on twitter @WrassleCast
Ridin' And Rollin' Ep. 6 - The Slight Return
October 21, 2016 04:27 AM PDT
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CSPN presents the Ridin’ and Rollin’ podcast, hosted by @CJStarchild!

We have returned...and so will two legendary Ford trucks!

Ridin' And Rollin' is back with a look at the confirmed resurrection of the Ford Bronco and Ranger names, Recall Madness, the worst designed cars of all time by one magazine and our Old School Ride of the week takes a trip to Monte Carlo.

Follow the show & its host on twitter!
Ridin and Rollin – @RidinAndRollin
Chris Stevens- @CJStarchild
Join the conversation using the hashtag #RidinandRollin

Crown And Collards 94: Woke Babies
October 17, 2016 07:11 PM PDT
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Rest in peace and power to all those we’ve lost to police brutality, interracial violence, acts of terror, and acts of hatred and bigotry.

Welcome back to another edition of Crown & Collards brought to you by the CSPN! In today's episode Dan and Jeremey are briefly rejoined by Trina; ( @iamhusk ) to discuss moving, Colin Kaepernick’s first start of the season, Tommy Ford. As she leaves Dan and Jeremey wrap about T.I. being woke and bring back the Tyrese Memorial “Nigga What Were You Thinking?!” award to Roland Martin.

He Who Is Kirk Cousins also makes an appearance!

Thanks for listening and as always be a greater ho not a hater ho.

Dan - @Danchrism
Jeremey - @Blike_Dante
Show hashtag - #CrownAndCollards

Go to crownandcollards.cspn.us for more episodes.

Classick Team-Up Ep 46: Asa Todd (@makeupandmania, @sanitythief)
October 17, 2016 01:52 AM PDT
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Welcome back to another exciting edition of Classick Team-Up!

This week, Classick teams up with the fascinating Ms. Asa Todd. Asa is a mental health advocate and beauty blogger from New Jersey who combines both passions on her site "Makeup and Mania"

Together, we discuss (in no particular order):
Self Care
A Seat at the Table
Streaming music players
The 13th
White people and Harambe
Anthony Weiner
Birth of a Nation vs. Your local library
Male nudity
Strip clubs
Birthday DMs
Dogs and College Students are both nasty
Atlanta & Donald Glover
Magic Mike II
... and much, much, more!

In lieu of birthday nudes in the DMs, our host asks that you instead listen to this show and leave a review on iTunes, stitcher,  google play, or soundcloud, or simply e-mail us at classick@cspn.us with your feedback.

Follow us!
Discussion hashtag: #ClassickTeamUp
Host twitter: @classickmateria

Follow this week's guest Asa on twitter & instagram @sanitythief and @MakeupandMania
Plus, check out her website Makeup & Mania, "a beautiful blend of mood stabilizers and mascara", at http://makeupandmania.com

And of course, visit cspn.us for more episodes of Classick Team-Up!, and leave us a review or visit our sponsors to keep this show free for you! Thanks so much for listening!

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